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GMO- vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free products

Products reported to the DGCCRF in accordance with Directive 2002/46/EC

The level of quality required by EDLI is based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and GMP

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At EDLI, we are committed to providing natural health solutions to better live every day. Prevention is essential for us to keep hold of one’s health: a wellness routine for an energetic organism, able to defend itself.
We share a common idea: to get back to basics thanks to the richness of plants, minerals and trace elements to make up for the shortcomings of everyday life.


EDLI is six universes of 100 natural dietary supplements, vegetarian, vegan and GMO-free day after day, meet the needs of your body. Essential supplements offered in support treatment all year round but also occasionally for sustainable health. Our products with DGCCRF-approved formulations reflect requirement and rigour: EDLI relies on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards that ensure a good level of organizational quality, respect for the environment and good manufacturing practices.

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démarrait aujourd'hui ?

La prévention est notre crédo ! Ainsi pour vous apporter chaque jour des solutions naturelles qui correspondent à vos besoins, nous avons mis au point différentes offres d'abonnements.

4 programmes : 1 programme lié aux changements de saisons et 3 programmes qui répondent à des besoins spécifiques : Beauté - Détox, Vitalité - Immunité, Digestion

Vous pourrez aussi vous abonnez à nos produits à l'unité, personnalisation garantie !


Choisissez l'abonnement conçu par nos experts qui vous correspond le mieux.


Nous nous adaptons à vos envies :

Formule Mensuelle : 19,90€
Formule Trimestrielle : 49,90€

Recevez nos produits à l'adresse de votre choix.


Le conseil et le suivi avant tout ! Si vous avez la moindre question, notre équipe vous attend sur

Brand history


It is in autumn 2017 that the EDLI adventure blooms. We wanted this beautiful brand to reflect our values, our personalities and our image. It seemed natural to us to build, petal after petal, the identity of EDLI by drawing inspiration from our daily lives: gradually, we replaced traditional health products with plants and natural remedies. A return to the roots necessary for our duo close to nature. This is where the desire to start the EDLI story was born: to share with as many people as possible the richness of plants and the power of nature on a daily basis, via quality food supplements. Our skills in stress and emotional management therapy for one and nutritherapy for the other, bring us together in our convictions to go back to basics to make up for the shortcomings of everyday life. Well, and we didn’t tell you everything: why the name? You know us a little better now, so you won’t be surprised to know that EDLI means “nature” in Icelandic! Yes, the Hygge movement of the Nordic countries inspired us. And for natural enthusiasts like us, this name was already found!


© Frédérique Touitou

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